Best Front-End Stack for a Tech Startup in 2020

As a web software engineer, I can advise a few combinations of a strong Front-End tech build to have fewer limits when building your Startup.

So what I generally use?

As you can see Bootstrap is here, I use it in the case when I need UI now and it’s not so important to build a completely custom Front-End from scratch.

But why jQuery here? Well, because Bootstrap needs it for modal windows, etc… So everything that goes with JavaScript and actuated in a fancy way.

Front-End Stack that I currently use

  • Layout HTML5
  • Framework React + (Flux pattern or Redux + Redux Saga)
  • Styles SCSS
  • Language TypeScript / ES6
  • Compiler Webpack + Babel with Node.js

I try to follow the Best Standards in the industry and always open my mind to learning new things. Someone might prefer older Angular or a simpler Vue, they both do a similar job to React.

You can see my tech stack here



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