How to Spot a Good & Solid web software Engineer — Developer for Hire

How do you define if this “Professional” is worthy, we don’t have the real Thor’s hammer to check that, but a few tips and suggestions might be helpful.

Andriy Diduh
3 min readMay 27, 2020

General Tips to spot a Good Solid professional

  • Has his/her own the well crafted and Designed website, even if you search for an “engineer” — not an excuse for a bad design and stretched photos in the portfolio, everything should look, should feel to the standards you want to get for yourself by hiring this tech professional.

As an example, here is my portfolio to see approximately how personal web portfolio can look

  • Not busy Github / not active Github account — does not matter, really for someone busy working for money, it’s not an option to spend a Month of time in “after work hours” to code personal projects and then give them for free to the world. A completely different case is “Open Source” — people still do get paid for open source work, that is why they can dedicate so much time to it “but if you are not paid for this then you will not” simple.
  • Have your own projects to show. Each has more than one page (if it’s a web site), or it’s not a standard single page application — not a To-Do list, not a Calculator, not the “enter something in this search field it will give you movies or pasta list”, but something more unique and well designed.

Example? Built from ground up React + TypeScript, here…

  • Not a problem to email them, in the email to ask for a Phone number or Skype or etc.. and then call during Working Days/Hours relative to their time zone. Yes, those people are the normal busy people just like you, call them just like you would call a normal business in your home city, just remember in the majority of cases talk done in English in Working Hours. In case there is no easy and clear communication channel to this person, like a phone talk, or video call during “working days/hours” then this person is not serious about the work process. So with a real Tech Professional, it’s the same talk, experience and feel you should get as you would talk to some local businesses in your area to get your questions answered or advised on something.

Sometimes people like to call late at Saturday or better Sunday because ASAP, well, such availability strongly depends on personality and not on actual skills and work ethics.

  • Presence online on social and professional platforms, just to see a person behind the curtain. This will help to see skill set and be sure this person is “anchored” somewhere so you can see this is the real person in an online space with the real “professional trace” behind. This will get you more familiar with that person, even before the first talk. Ideally professional you researching have own YouTube channel to show skills and expertise, but the majority don’t, so it can be stories on Medium,, Hashnode, or sharing free code somewhere on GitHub or teaching on Scrimba, etc.. Anyways, it is about some kind of work put online for free or paid, or sharing progress on something, that’s I meant by the “professional trace”. That’s a part of the “networking strategy” that professionals do. A good professional trace should speak for the person you researching, for example, positive attitude to collaboration, successful projects and work were done, anything that you seek.

So where to Find those professionals?

On Fiver, Freelancer, Upwork? No, but You might to take a look below…

Stay tuned next story is on its way…