Who to hire to build a Website, Bespoke Software, APP?

Guide for SMBs and Startups to navigate around hiring.

Options in short

In details …

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

Independent Software Engineer

Best choice for Bespoke Software Development !

anerdsworld design agency

Design Agency / Dev Shop /Body Shop

Best choice for Websites on WordPress !

mobilunity offshore outsourcing company

Outsourcing Company + Offshore Outsourcing

Best choice for Prototype Bespoke Software development on a Budget and depends on how far away off shore you want to go !

Catapult Systems — the best photo quality I found, this people are quite conservative with photos resolution

Consulting Company

Best choice for Bespoke Software Development, solo or team for hire !



Software Engineer & SaaS Developer — https://andriydiduh.com

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