Who to hire to build a Website, Bespoke Software, APP?

Guide for SMBs and Startups to navigate around hiring.

Andriy Diduh
3 min readAug 19, 2020

In simple, you can hire a group of professionals that manage themselves and you of course need to pay overhead for this, or you work with software engineers / developers — directly, while taking the management function “partially” on your time. Here I tried to compose, from my viewpoint, what options do we have when trying to build our project/business/contract.

Options in short

  • Work with an Independent Software Engineer / Web Developer directly.
  • Hire a Design Agency / Dev Shop / Body Shop.
  • Hire a Big Outsourcing Company, including offshore outsourcing.

In details …

Independent Software Engineer

Best choice for Bespoke Software Development !

  • PRO > Professional who worked in startups or corporate environment and have the experience to build bespoke software exactly by client standards in reasonable for an industry time frame and from the ground up.
  • CON > Those professionals are not a “quick printing machine” for templates on WordPress, they are not “Code Monkeys”. Technically any software engineer can do code monkey’s work but it will be too expensive for “dumb” work and not as quick at least the first few times.
anerdsworld design agency

Design Agency / Dev Shop /Body Shop

Best choice for Websites on WordPress !

  • PRO > Very efficient and quick in building websites by reusing existing templates and ready to use CMSs such as WordPress, Drupal, or website builders like Wix, Shopify.
  • CON > They can build a bespoke software but that will be ultra-expensive and non-efficient since they need to do something not typical for them, not optimized in their business model. They have not many Pros with “build from the ground up by yourself” skills and experience.
mobilunity offshore outsourcing company

Outsourcing Company + Offshore Outsourcing

Best choice for Prototype Bespoke Software development on a Budget and depends on how far away off shore you want to go !

  • PRO > They have a wide choice of languages, frameworks, and tech tools to offer, have optimized pricing on “bespoke” software that they build. Usually have a lot of working staff ( 100 and more )and codebase to reuse to optimize the cost.
  • CON > This type of company is synonymous with hard work conditions and scandals, even scandals with clients. Don’t expect QUALITY and much control of the project under your management daily (for quality build your own startup and hire people to your team).
Catapult Systems — the best photo quality I found, this people are quite conservative with photos resolution

Consulting Company

Best choice for Bespoke Software Development, solo or team for hire !

  • PRO > They deliver bespoke software and even work with your team if you have one, with quality, with daily communication/reporting on progress and issues. It’s pros with a high price tag because they represent the business that they work in. Yes, they code themselves and teach/advise your team. Yes their work is not ideal, but it’s solid professional work and they help your team to grow and gain speed.
  • CON > Expensive by all means, usually work with corporate and startups with already rounds of funding.