Why work Remote? Benefits over in-house?

Here is my view from personal experience from 2010 and up to now in 2020.

Andriy Diduh
2 min readAug 18, 2020

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Remote vs in-house by Andriy Diduh — SaaS Software Engineer

First about the “Culture Preservation” only in the office — I think that in my case the culture and energy were preserved each day while working remotely on 100%. How? Video calls, screen sharing, and a quick chat on Slack. No distractions and “talk” when you need, worked well always for me.

Advantages over in-house

  • No -1 hour to commute to the office and — 1 hour to commute back home. This means that you have less time wasted and more energy left to use for additional work and self-development.
  • No distractions from real people, so more focus on work. This means that in-person talk might be more stressful and pushes you away from your thinking process over the project, the body language, eye contact, need to walk away from the workstation. This interaction is way less damaging to work process concentration if done via quick messages and video calls, screen sharing.
  • I can eat healthy food cocked from bought ingredients the same day. No canned food, no cold than microwaving it later. Food gives a great mood for a day, concentration on your work goals, and a good feel in your body. Try to do this in the office even with a 5-star kitchen.
  • I listen to music and do physical exercises whenever I want, which keeps me from going boring on work and active throughout a day.


  • Work commute each day to the office means that you are forced to “go for a walk” outside. But working remotely, you need to remind yourself to go outside. The concentration on work is so high so you often forget.
  • The business that hired me does not see me in the working process, so I need to ping them with messages to keep reminding that I’m here during work hours and work on the project, need to create video calls to show myself once in a while.
  • Usually, the office for me is faaaaar away, like cities away, countries away, so cannot simply ride to attend a meeting. I need to use video calls.

I understand, some people are not used to remote work, but keep in mind I have my own location that is separate from family, so it’s like individual office that belong only to me, that is why no distractions from my work flow.

All of this gives me way higher efficiency to stay active and concentrated on the work flow and yes with positive attitude for months.