I build SaaS for more than 3 years so I know a thing or two.

Difference between SaaS, IaaS and PaaS by Andriy Diduh SaaS Software Engineer
Difference between SaaS, IaaS and PaaS

Software as a Service — SaaS

How do you define if this “Professional” is worthy, we don’t have the real Thor’s hammer to check that, but a few tips and suggestions might be helpful.

General Tips to spot a Good Solid professional

  • Has his/her own the well crafted and Designed website, even if you search for an “engineer” — not an excuse for a bad design and stretched photos in the portfolio, everything should look, should feel to the standards you want to get for yourself by hiring this tech professional.


As a web software engineer, I can advise a few combinations of a strong Front-End tech build to have fewer limits when building your Startup.

So what I generally use?

A few real-world Front-End engineer/developer portfolios to help navigate yourself when crafting yours!

1. Josue Espinosa — web software engineer

Andriy Diduh

Software Engineer & SaaS Developer — https://andriydiduh.com

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