Guide for SMBs and Startups to navigate around hiring.

Options in short

  • Work with an Independent Software Engineer / Web Developer directly.
  • Hire a Design Agency / Dev Shop / Body Shop.
  • Hire a Big Outsourcing Company, including offshore outsourcing.

In details …

I build SaaS for more than 3 years so I know a thing or two.

Difference between SaaS, IaaS and PaaS by Andriy Diduh SaaS Software Engineer
Difference between SaaS, IaaS and PaaS

Software as a Service — SaaS

Here is my view from personal experience from 2010 and up to now in 2020.

Remote vs in-house by Andriy Diduh — SaaS Software Engineer

Advantages over in-house

  • No -1 hour to commute to the office and — 1 hour to commute back home. This means that you have less time wasted and more energy left to use for additional work and self-development.
  • No distractions from real people, so…

How do you define if this “Professional” is worthy, we don’t have the real Thor’s hammer to check that, but a few tips and suggestions might be helpful.

General Tips to spot a Good Solid professional

  • Has his/her own the well crafted and Designed website, even if you search for an “engineer” — not an excuse for a bad design and stretched photos in the portfolio, everything should look, should feel to the standards you want to get for yourself by hiring this tech professional.

As an example, here is my portfolio to see approximately how personal web portfolio can look

  • Not busy Github / not active Github account — does not matter, really for someone busy working for money, it’s not an option to spend a Month of time in “after work hours” to…

Let's see what title to use when searching for a tech professional to hire and which title to take if you in this field.

Front, Back and Full

As a web software engineer, I can advise a few combinations of a strong Front-End tech build to have fewer limits when building your Startup.

So what I generally use?

Front-End Stack that I currently use

  • Layout HTML5
  • Framework React + (Flux pattern or Redux + Redux Saga)
  • Styles SCSS
  • Language TypeScript / ES6
  • Compiler Webpack + Babel with Node.js

A few real-world Front-End engineer/developer portfolios to help navigate yourself when crafting yours!

1. Josue Espinosa — web software engineer

Andriy Diduh

Software Engineer & SaaS Developer —

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